David Michael Hynes
Judy Robbin Hall
m. Feb 1, 1985,
Toms River, New
Donald R. Odell Hall
b. Scituate, R. I.
m. May 19, 1956,
Moosup, Ct.
of Judy R. Hynes
Gladys M Tyler
b. Sterling, Ct.
Shirley Ann Thompson
b. Sterling, Ct.
Russell Frederick Odell
b.Jun 19, 1916, R. I.
m. Feb 21, 1936,
Providence, R. I.
d. Jan 19, 1984, Hope
Valley, R. I.
Dorothy E. McBrien
b. Moosup, Ct.
Frank Thompson
b. Oct 16, 1915
Philadelphia, Pa.
m. Jun 15, 1937,
Sterling, Ct.
d. Nov 12, 1986,
Greene, R. I.
James Russell McBrien
b. Jul 7, 1892, Bristol, Pa.
m. May 28, 1914,
Moosup, Ct.
d. Oct 31, 1969,
Putnam, Ct.
Clarence Frederick Odell
b. Jun 29, 1893,
Warwick, R. I.
m. Jun 15, 1915,
Providence, R. I.
d. Jun 1963
Annie Martin
b. Feb 17, 1893,
Moosup, Ct.
d. Jan 1, 1997, Norwich,
Mary P. Holmes
b.Jan 26, 1894,
Providence, R. I.
d. Oct 3, 1999, Florida
Jacob Thompson
b. 1885, Wiborg, Finland
m. Jan 10, 1915, NYC,
d. Mar 3, 1942,
Cranston, R. I.
Johannah Ryynanen
b. Jul 29, 1889, Finland
d. Jul 23, 1969,
Putnam, Ct.
Henrietta M. Murray
b. Aug 31, 1880,
Providence, R. I.
d. May 3, 1968,
Plainfield, Ct,
Edward Tyler
b. Jan 13, 1875, Exeter,
m. Aug 8, 1896.
Sterling, Ct.
d. Jul 27, 1949, Sterling,
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