Mary Phillips Holmes
Clarence Frederick
b. Jun 29, 1893,
Warwick, R. I.
m. Jun 15, 1915,
Providence, R. I.
d. Jun 1963
Ebenezer Bigelow Odell
b. 1858, New Brunswick,
m. Jun 27, 1883, New
Brunswick, Canada
d. Jul 16, 1928, Johnston,
Mary Virtue Odell
b. abt 1825, New
Brunswick, Canada
d. aft 1881
Serena Emelia Brown
b. Mar 2, 1868, New
Brunswick, Canada
d. Apr 23, 1937,
Cranston, R.I.
Nehemiah Odell
b. abt 1815
m. Jan 1, 1836, New
Brunswick, Canada
d. aft 1861
Ruby Faulkner
b. abt 1819, Canada
d. aft 1861
William Brown
b. abt 1815, new
Brunswick, Canada
m. Jun 18, 1846,
New Brunswick,
d. aft 1881
David Faulkner
b. abt 1786, Nova Scotia
d. Nov 29, 1864, New
Brunswick, Canada.
Gilbert Odell
b. abt 1780, United
d. May 27, 1854, New
Brunswick, Canada
b. abt 1793, Nova Scotia
d. aft 1861
Ann MacDonald
b. abt 1790, Canada
d. aft 1854
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