My genealogy
Focusing primarily on the Rhode Island Tyler family,
descended from Stephen Reynolds Tyler
Some pictures-
page 1- Gladys Thompson, Henrietta Tyler, Richard C.
page 2-
page 3-Ed Tyler, Walt, Art and Ed, Jr.
page 4-Etta Rose, Gladys Thompson
page 5-Tyler Group, Shirley Thompson
page 6-Shirley Thompson, Frank King, Jack, June and
Paula Thompson
page 7-Minnie Murray, Frank, Gladys, June and Jack
page 8-Eunice Brown, Vera and Dot Ainsworth, Henrietta
Murray Tyler and Frank Thompson
page 9-Shirley Thompson and Henrietta Tyler, Gladys
page 10-Gladys Tyler Thompson and Frank Thompson
page 11-Gladys and FrankThompson, Etta Tyler Rose
page 12Etta and Herman Rose, David Rose
page 13-Clara Tyler
page 14-Alice Brown, Etta Rose, Edna Grant, Gladys
Thompson, Henrietta Tyler, Alice Bonniol, Jackie Wilson
page 15-Gladys Thompson, David Rose, Dot Ainsworth
page 16-Frank and GladysThompson, Edna and Dick
Grant, Donald Hall
page 17-Gladys Thompson and Bobby Brown
page 18-Shirley Thompson, Irene, Richard, Herman and
David Rose, Gladys Thompson
page 19-Unidentified babies
page 20-
page 21-
page 22-
page 23-
page 24-
page 25-
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Woolman Central, a one name study that I
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Alice, Henrietta[Murray] and Clara Tyler
I recently came across a box of
Norwich Bulletin news clippings
from 1985.  I have begun
posting these on this site.  If you
are looking for an obit, birth
notice or death notice in 1985
click here.